MULTISPOT MI-100control
The MULTISPOT MI-100control fulfills all car manufacturers and body shops demands concerning process reliability and efficiency. The upgradeable design assures the investment in the equipment.

Use: Spot welding of structural body damage. Specially designed for high-strength steels such as Boron, USIBOR, TRIP, TWIP, XIP.

Process Reliability: Intelligent control technology allows a spot weld quality that is comparable to the quality achieved during the production process of new vehicles.

Protection of the Investment:
The modular nature of the system „MULTISPOT“ assures the investment in the equipment. Easy and quick tool change (X- or C-pliers); new OEM welding programs can be added through software updates via compact flash card.

  • Efficient Spot Welding: The simple “MULTISPOT” operating concept requires only brief instructions and allows efficient operation of the equipment. The optional PC-software provides analytical capabilities i.e. to check the efficiency of the welding process.

  • with C-Pliers and/or X-Pliers
  • Recognition and compensation of disturbing factors: e.g. primer, glue, antirust lacquer.
  • Manufacturers welding programmes recallable.
  • Update for new vehicles at any time via Compact Flash Card.
  • Own welding programmes may be issued and stored under own name.
  • Quality proof by logging of all important welding data, if desired together with the order data.
  • Results in the quality requested by the car manufacturer.
  • Equipped for all welding duties at the body - now and in the future.
  • Quick fixing of the requested spot welding pliers or spot welding gun by means of central connection.

Curt Bacon Body Shop is the only body shop to have this machine in the area.

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