Our newest investment of $30,000 is the The MULTISPOT MI-100 which meets all Manufacturer specifications for spot welding.  In order to properly repair a vehicle to OEM specifications, you need the right tools.  Our competitors are using old technology to spot weld panels.  Our responsibility as a collision facility is to not only understand the different metals, but understand and own the proper tools for a safe and quality repair.  Most cars today have high strength metals, by spot welding with outdated tools, you actually weaken that metal.  By taking away the strength you are taking away the protection in case you should be involved in another collision.  So don’t gamble your families protection with shops that are not currently utilizing tools endorsed by manufacturers for accurate and quality repairs.  Call us if you have any additional questions on metal types and how the MI-100 is the best choice for the repair of your automobile.

The Chief Ez-Liner has the technology and capabilities to align small cars to the biggest trucks and SUV's. Frame alignment is very important in repairing your vehicle correctly, brining it's frame back to facotry specifications. Our body shop is equiped with this technology to keep your vehicle safe as well as looking good.


The Accudraft TITAN™ is specifically designed for any current or future waterborne facility. Using a 15 H.P. 1.5 Million BTU direct fire heating system with 20,000 CFM, the TITAN™ delivers airflow & heat specifications recommended by waterborne paint manufacturers. All Accudraft TITAN™ models come standard with the EnergySmart™ VFD package for the ultimate in electrical energy savings. The TITAN™ uses dual mode technology allowing the system to switch between water-based or solvent-based modes on the fly, making you able to paint today while being ready for tomorrow.
We are the only shop in town that has (2) Full down draft booths.


Envirobase High Performance is waterborne basecoat color for use in the repair and repainting of motor vehicles. Applied as part of a two-stage basecoat/clearcoat paint system, mixed Envirobase High Performance color reproduces the original solid, metallic, mica or Xirallic paint finish of a vehicle. This waterborne basecoat system contains considerably less volatile organic compounds (VOC) than conventional solvent-borne basecoat. This makes Envirobase particularly suitable for use in areas where VOC emissions or product VOC content are subject to legal restrictions.

Our body shop is one of the very few who offer frame alignment. We have a laser-sighted Chief EX-Liner operated by our experienced technician of over 20 years repairing your vehicle to factory specs and pre-accident condition.

Services: Auto Collision Repair, Frame Alignment, Paintless Dent Removal (PDR), Glass and Custom Painting.

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